Something different & unique

Something different & unique ! Something that makes me stand out .

Hi my name is LaTazma Gardner & here’s 5 reasons you should look @ my hairline different from the next . 

5 reasons you should support / believe in me 

Cough cough , well here it goes . 

Now you may say okay you sell hair but do does such and such 珞which is correct there’s millions of ladies that sell hair we all gone make it but here’s a few tips about (empire of bundles) i don’t just stand for a ( hairline ) it’s way deeper then that 

1. My brand is different from others simply because  my bundles aren't $100 per bundle ,  for each bundle , I don't just charge by the bundle I have amazing bundles deals , simply because everybody can't afford what others can , now u may say so does such and such , true but mine are very affordable , with very  High quality . my bundles are thick long lasting and amazing . I rather everyone slay as one then one to feel she’s less then the next over a slay 

2. I wanna own a store in every city and state , with opening each and every store I wanna also build and open a homeless shelter , I wanna give back 

3. I wanna be that voice that lets everyone knows somebody somewhere still believes in them , I wanna let them know somebody somewhere still cares . 

4. I wanna be that black woman that changes the way others look at homeless people 

5. Most of all I don't just wanna build a business im building an empire . Most of all i wanna see everybody make it 

Believe in me ! You gone see my name ! You gone see my face ! By far I’m different ! I promote day and night sometimes i go without sleep believe when i say I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN ! 

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Signed the owner of (www.empire